Tekniska Verken selects Roxen CMS

Linköping, Sweden

21 June 2005

Tekniska Verken has entered into an agreement with Roxen Internet Software regarding using Roxen CMS for handling the company's external website as well as it's Intranet. Tekniska Verken is Europe's leading producer of biogas and rubbish collection and recycling.

Roxen CMS was chosen in fierce competition. Roxen CMS is platform independent and stores all content as XML, which secures future information exchange with surrounding systems. Implementing Roxen CMS at Tekniska Verken will ensure increased quality of content, faster publishing and further enable decentralized editing and publishing.

"One important reason for us choosing Roxen CMS was the product's support for official web standards such as XML and XSL as well as its openness and flexibility. This simplifies template development and content formatting. Further, Roxen CMS is easy to extend in terms of functionality and custom made modules. It is clearly an adaptable tool that will fit our needs very well", says Pontus Östlund, Director of Web Communication at Tekniska Verken.

"Tekniska Verken focuses highly on accessibility, both in terms of ensuring ease-of-use for disabled as well as supporting target groups using various browsers. This is made possible through the use of Open Standards such as XML and XSLT", Pontus Östlund continues.

"Tekniska Verken is a highly demanding organisation that expects quality all over the line. The fact that the have chosen Roxen CMS makes us happy and is an acknowledgement of Roxen's quality to be proud of", says Staffan Ekholm, CEO at Roxen Internet Software.

About Tekniska Verken

Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB is a regional utility company fully owned by the municipality of Linköping. It was founded in 1902 as the Linköping power and light company by one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Linköping history, Jonn O Nilson. Since then new divisions and companies have been added to the Tekniska Verken Group. The product/service range now includes waste management and streetservice at one end of the scale and fibreoptic internet and biogas at the other end with energy production, telephony and district cooling in the middle. With a focus on Linköping and an area ranging from Stockholm in the north and Gothenburg/Kalmar in the south the Tekniska Verken Group is also marketing some of its products and services all over Sweden. Customers range from single person households to large companies like SAAB and Vattenfall or major municipalities like Stockholm and Linköping.

About Roxen

Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing, i.e. publishing online, in print, to tablets, smartphones and other devices. Customers include Metro International, RTL Nederlands, Shaw Newspapers as well as Princeton University, Randstad and Verizon. Roxen was established in 1994. The head office and development center is located in Linköping, Sweden. Roxen offices are also located in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Chicago.