Johannes Øvergaard, system manager at Klassekampen.

Klassekampen replaces several systems with one – a more well-curated newspaper is the goal

With its 50 500 subscribers, Klassekampen is one of Norway's largest daily newspapers. With their heart and history in the printed newspaper, they are now investing in modernizing their workflow – for both the paper and the online edition.

The much appreciated and ever relevant daily newspaper Klassekampen has a long history of constantly pushing the newspaper forward through insightful quality journalism. Despite the growing digital trend, Klassekampen has successfully increased its paper circulation over the past years. How have they maintained their strong position in today's digital era, one might ask?

"The paper magazine is such an important part of Klassekampen's identity and soul and has been since the beginning. While others have chosen to spend a lot of time and budget on developing their online offering, we have continued to invest in our paper", says Johannes Øvergaard, system manager at Klassekampen, and continues:

"Our readers also have a strong relationship with the paper magazine, and our philosophy is that you can pick up a two-year-old Klassekampen, and it should still be an interesting read."

To further improve the work of their paper magazine while exploring the possibilities of a more established online newspaper, they have recently implemented Roxen's print production system. 

Johannes Øvergaard describes how Roxen was an obvious choice not only because of its strong integration with the paper and the possibility to create and update templates for printed material easily, but also for its flexible cloud solution with the ability to scale on demand.

"Previously, we used complex and costly systems that required a lot of administration. Moreover, the knowledge was in the hands of a few people. Now we have created a much more efficient workflow, which has freed up time to focus more on the content and layout of the magazine rather than administration and technical details."

Roxen's print system now serves as the main and only tool for all of Klassekampen's production, from writing and editing to importing external materials and publishing for both the paper and online. 

"The implementation of Roxen has meant changes in our way of working. Although we are leaving old systems behind, the transition has been surprisingly smooth, and the editorial team has easily adapted to Roxen's intuitive interface. Today, we also see fewer mistakes in our process."

Increased investments in the online offer

Johannes Øvergaard believes the paper magazine provides exceptional opportunities to package and present quality editorial content. This idea is also what guides Klasskampen's current work on the development of their online newspaper. 

"We want our online newspaper to be born out of the same spirit as our printed paper; it should represent Klassekampen. We are currently at the stage where we are exploring new approaches, such as whether we can create tailor-made content solely for our online edition. But we are the last to give up on the existence and importance of the paper."