Leading Costa Rican media company Grupo Nación opts for Scandinavian media technology

As one of the first in Latin America, Costa Rica’s leading media company Grupo Nación recently implemented Washington Post’s novel editorial system Arc Publishing. Grupo Nación has now chosen Roxen Editorial Portal to complete the solution to seamlessly incorporate print production.

Grupo Nación, with titles such as La Nación, El Financiero and La Teja, is using the state-of-the-art Arc solution for its editorial production and online publishing. With the print channel still being of significant importance to Grupo Nación, their solution needed to be extended with a module for print production.

» As we searched the market for a print module to match the capabilities of our new Arc system, we found Roxen, a Swedish software developer of innovative media technology, that offered a perfect match both in terms of product functionality and efficient integration with solutions from other vendors », says Pedro Abreu, Executive Director at Grupo Nación.

» The Roxen Newsroom Solution offers a suite of products for online production and publishing, from the mobile reporter tool Roxen Roamer to the editorial system Roxen Editorial Portal and digital output channels such as Roxen News Website and the mobile app Roxen Reader. For small and medium-sized media organizations we are a one-stop shop for editorial solutions. Most of our products can also be utilized as interoperable modules in solutions employing several vendors, allowing customers to create their own bespoke, best-of-breed solutions. Roxen Editorial Portal is today used as an integrated print module in several larger systems, now including Arc », says Per Östlund, President and CEO at Roxen.

Grupo Nación is also automating their image processing with ColorFactory from Norwegian developer Fotoware. To utilize the new technology and further increase productivity, Grupo Nación has employed Norwegian workflow specialists and Roxen partners TikkTakk to design a new templated editorial workflow.

» By incorporating a print solution and improved image handling in our Arc solution, we will achieve the most efficient production environment possible for our journalists and editors to ensure that we are well positioned to continue serving our customers with quality content while growing our business profitably », Pedro Abreu concludes.

» We are immensely proud to be supporting Grupo Nación in their implementation of a comprehensive, modern editorial solution for their newsrooms and editorial communities. We are equally proud to be part of a collaborative effort drawing on the innovations and technical prowess developed in our competitive Scandinavian home market to enable a forerunner in Latin America », Per Östlund concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Per Östlund, CEO
Roxen AB
M: +46 732 30 30 13

Pedro Abreu
Executive Director Grupo Nación SA
+506 2247 4747

  • Grupo Nación is the leading company in Costa Rica focused on information production in different print media, internet and radio. Grupo Nación is a leading company in the written press in Costa Rica, and is in the process of diversification and regional expansion. It is a financially sound corporation, always at the forefront of technology, and with a team committed to the success of the company, a commitment that is evidenced both by its professional quality and by the experience of organizational values.
  • TikkTakk is a Norwegian consulting firm, specialized in process architecture regarding optimizing of workflow and the implementation of template-driven production for media houses in Europe and America. http://www.tikktakk.no
  • FotoWare is a Norwegian software company that delivers Digital Asset Management solutions in more than 40 countries, together with our partners. Fotoware has 27 employees in Norway, Australia, Sweden, and Russia. The FotoWare solution empowers teams and companies to find, manage, store and share digital content easily. The solution is available on-premise, in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS marketplaces, and as a service (SaaS) leveraging the Azure cloud. FotoWare is the preferred choice by more than 4000 customers globally, including the White House Historical Association, The Financial Times, Volkswagen, and Metropolitan Police. Software Consulting Services LLC in Nazareth, PA, is the Fotoware partner chosen by Grupo Nación. https://www.fotoware.com http://www.newspapersystems.com
  • Based on its own award-winning and powerful content management software, Roxen Enterprise CMS, Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing and audience engagement for media- and corporate applications.  Roxen was established in 1994 and is named one of Europe's most innovative technology ventures. The head office and development center are located in Linköping, Sweden. Roxen has customers around the globe and sales offices in Europe and the U.S. For more information, visit www.roxen.com.