Jørgen Dahl Kristensen, editor-in-chief, Budstikka. Photo: Budstikka

Norwegian daily paper Budstikka is substantially increasing its reach

The editorial team at Budstikka can now focus on the actual journalism. Photo: Trine Jødal/Budstikka.

According to editor-in-chief Jørgen Dahl Kristensen, this success is in large part down to the decision to use Roxen News Website as a new web platform/CDP.

Budstikka is a Norwegian daily newspaper that is published in two municipalities in the suburbs of Oslo. Since 11 June this year Budstikka has appeared on a new web platform, Roxen News Website. The initiative of moving to a new web platform has been a success. The latest reach figures for Norway show that Budstikka has increased its readership by 2,000 new readers. This increase is primarily attributable to digital readers.

  • “Roxen has built a new news website where technology frees up time for journalism. Journalists shouldn’t have to spend time on tasks that technology can take care of. We have succeeded in achieving that here. Our web desk handles news evaluation and reporters choose the category for their articles, but a lot of the day-to-day processing, for example, of images, which was previously done by journalists, is now handled by the system,” says Jørgen Dahl Kristensen.

In addition to the Roxen News Website, Budstikka’s new solution also comprises DrPublish, as a general production tool, and AI-based print automation from Roxen’s Norwegian partner Aptoma AS. Collectively, the integrated products provide an effective system that makes both print and web production simple and efficient.

  • “We have been able to substantially reduce the number of editors. We have retained just one, who works on a daily basis. The content is what’s important, that’s what attracts new readers. With Roxen and Aptoma we have found a technical solution that allows us to focus specifically on that,” says Jørgen.