Matt Monahan, VP of Products at Arc XP

Roxen partnering with Washington Post on Arc XP

Ole-Jacob Mosvold, Technology and Digitalisation Director at Mentor Medier

Washington Post’s Arc XP publication system gains its first client in Scandinavia through Norwegian Mentor Medier. The business partner is Swedish Roxen, which has integrated its print module with Arc.

Arc XP is used by some of the largest media houses in the world, including Washington Post itself. Norwegian Mentor Medier is their first client in Scandinavia.

Matt Monahan, VP of Products at Arc XP, and Per Östlund, CEO of Roxen, have previously partnered on major projects, including at Grupo Nación in Costa Rica.

  • Roxen is a very user-friendly system, and they see print as a channel among others which agrees very well with the logic of Arc XP. When a user in Arc finishes a text, they choose a channel, like web, social media, or print. Roxen fits very well in that story,” says Matt Monahan.
  • Partnering with a full-service supplier such as Arc has enabled us to focus our own development efforts on a drop-in module to allow Arc users to also produce print without lowering their high standards of quality and efficiency,” says Per Östlund.

At Mentor Medier, the switch to Arc and Roxen signalled a new approach for the editorial staff, with a focus realignment from print to the web as the primary channel.

According to Ole-Jacob Mosvold, Technology and Digitalisation Director at Mentor Medier, Arc XP was the obvious choice for a corporate group with many publications and channels.

  • For our print production, Arc recommended Roxen, and we’ve not regretted our choice. We are very satisfied with their teamwork and the solution is impressive,” he says.

At Vårt land, Mentor Medier’s largest daily newspaper, the switch to a new system has changed the editorial staff’s whole approach, streamlined recruitment and contributed to a reduction in production cost without any compromises on either design or content.